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Post 1: March 2018, our experiences so far in Portugal

Our website has been launched, and further expansions of this, including the reservation section, and the real photos of our Guesthouse are still to follow.What we have learned especially in Portugal is to be very patient, everything is going slower here than in the Netherlands. We have been busy with obtaining all permits for more than 8 months, but after these 8 months our patience was rewarded, finally we could start realizing our dream project. The contractor also made us wait a while, he had a small job in between. But in December 2017 there finally came a large excavator to prepare the site for construction. The beginning was made!We did not waste time during this period of waiting. We have started exploring the area: made great walking and cycling tours through beautiful nature reserves with great views. Enjoyed the herds of goats, sheep and cows that graze quietly and look at you cautiously and curiously come to you.       We have also visited many beautiful historic sites, too many to mention, these are listed separately on the website.We have visited many white sandy beaches in the area, one even more beautiful than the other, enjoyed a beach walk or relaxed on a towel stretched out on the beach. And to conclude a wonderful active day, we also enjoyed the delicious pastelarias / coffee shops where you drink a good cup of coffee for an average of 80 cents and you can choose from a variety of delicious sweet or savory delicacies. Of course, there are also many sunny terraces where you can relax while enjoying a nice cool beer or wine.Yes, life is good in Portugal, no rushing and a wonderful climate, of course it rains sometimes but nature also needs that and after the rain comes a lot of sunshine.Through the wine business in the Netherlands we have met many producers of wines, port and delicacies. This range will also be available for our guests in the Guesthouse shop. In order to be well informed about the production of wines, we were at a Quinta, of which we purchase wines and port-wines, we helped a day with the harvest, where we also stamped grapes in the old-fashioned way.        The helpfulness of the Portuguese population is also great, they are often in for a chat.With the learning of the Portuguese language we have been busy for several months, but it is very hard and sometimes disappointing! Learning words and making simple short sentences is still ok, but if a Portuguese starts to talk at a fast pace then we are still lost. But here, too, the Portuguese are always willing to help you and it is greatly appreciated if you clumsily take the trouble to communicate in Portuguese. Fortunately, English still is very helpful here and, in most occasions, it gets things done. So, we do not give up on learning Portuguese, given time we must be fluently!We are also very happy with the help of our Portuguese friends who give us good advice and help if there are problems and introduce us to new contacts.Now we are very busy with the progress of our Guesthouse, everything that is involved in this, you can follow in this blog on our website.If you are interested in following us; please enter your e-mail address at join-us on the website.You will automatically be notified if there is something new to report and if there are any actions. This is of course entirely without obligation.Until the next post!!Até o próximo post!!

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